Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow is...

Empty, and blessedly so.

What is the payoff for the hard work of examining your consumption and collection habits and

making needed changes?

A heckuva lot more physical and mental space. Less anxiety. More money. There's no downside.
There's just getting from here to there.

Maybe one of these will help.

Simple Living tackles health, time and finance streamlining but I like the one on home.
I do not have a minimalist wardrobe but I see the attraction. This may not appeal to you but truly nailing your personal style and then carrying it through day to day, no matter what is nagging you, unworn from your closet? 
Well, there wouldn't be anything nagging you unworn from the closet, that's the point. Sounds like heaven. 
 Zen Habits takes on overabundance in multiple ways too. Some of my faves:
Conquering your clutter
72 Ideas to Simplify Your Life
And, with all that extra time and energy you can transform your relationship
More on reducing clutter from:
I dream of clean (foolproof!)
HGTV (reduce stress!)
apartment therapy (spend less!)
You don't have to spend less. reading my tealeaves promotes intentional luxury, which sounds pretty good--make every purchase count and last.

But if you're going to buy something it should probably be a book :-). Maybe this one, which came out today:

The buy links are on Josh's becoming minimalist website but sensibly suggests you stroll through your favorite bookstore and pick up a copy there.

I love this book.

There are plenty of other books on purposeful living so it must be his writing voice. I like his blogs, and the book is ever better--smart, kind, accepting, inspiring.

His definition of minimalism:
“the intentional promotion of things we most value and the removal of anything that distracts us from them.”
That kind of helps-anyone clarity is a gift.

How are we doing at the homestead? As this is the last of the 4-part Less Stuff posts, I will tell you that Mark tackled the basement brilliantly, paring down to camping gear, tools, and a few not-needed-at-the-moment-but-soon kid items.

Before yesterday this entire screen would have been blocked by the jumbo pile of camping gear, now neatly stowed on a couple of industrial shelving units from BJ's.

This feels so good.

Because yes--these are our priorities. Keeping our home in good repair. Getting outdoors. Spending time with the kids.

Getting your life into alignment with what you love is a looooooooong process but totally worth it.

We used to dread "packing for camping" day, and maybe we still will, but now it's "packing for camping" hour.

Much better.

Love, Lisa

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