Monday, February 29, 2016

Social Media FOMO

Yesterday's post on FOMO seems to have hit a nerve, and possibly missed the point. FOMO grew with social media and I didn't address that directly. I also don't have anything to say about that so I looked for others who did. This post from NirandFar seems to be less about Fear of Missing Out and more about this timeless emotion:

But I do love two parts of his essay. One:

The Joy of Missing Out

That's cool, the idea that while others are superfocused on doing stuff that's postable, others can opt out of the madness and enjoy giving their kids a bath.

The other is this paragraph. Does anything strike you here?

Steve Corona, former CTO of TwitPic, did just that in 2012. He took himself off social media for a full month. It changed his life. He read books, spent time with friends, meditated, ran three miles a day, and wrote a book.

Umm...I'd move the focus to the last three words. Reading a book can take an hour but writing one can take thousands. Not the same :).

The main point, in all seriousness, is that we all have limited time we control.

You can spend it doing things. 

You can spend it posting about things you do. 

And you can spend it angsting about whether the things others post are things that you should have been doing instead of what you chose.

Doesn't that seem like list with diminishing returns?

Happy Leap Year.

Love, Lisa

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