Tuesday, January 26, 2016


love the book Everyday by David Leviathan where everything changes daily for the protagonist, except for his soul. 

But I'm much more Groundhog Day myselfSame situation everyday with minute changes within that only show themselves over time. 

Trying for productive, I take my meds

Have a healthy breakfast 


Drink plenty of fluids

Closing the top there would have been smart. 

Moving on...review plan in GTD journal

AFTER checking the calendar (small mistake, use self-compassion)

Be accountable for daily goals 

Try something new

But no overachieving, bite-size chunks

(Ok, I promise to look at the book. Open it, even. But the real new thing I'm trying is to blog on my phone for the 1st time so I write less. Totally working).

Don't reinvent the wheel--accept help--

Seek to do better

But be grateful for what you have

Ignore the gaping maws of distraction 

And above all keep your sense of humor

(That's a character note for the story I'm rewriting. The brilliant idea I wrote there before I went to bed was "has to get something done/fixed/taken care of" in the scene. Like this isn't my everyday theme.)

But the Everyday v. Groundhog Day experience is pretty universal. Some people lead busy lives and need to keep themselves centered and consistent. Others lead more routine lives and need to find challenges to keep them evolving.  

I used to be the first, now I'm the second. 

Which are you? 

Love, Lisa


  1. I'm all about the random, except when it comes to oatmeal and chai tea when I'm home :)

  2. Herb, you are the perfect potsherd/daughter. Thanks for stopping by :-).