Friday, October 9, 2015

Mind Change Day 9: Moving onto Second Stage

Most of the work in Stage 1 should take place simultaneously within the Back in Control model of treating neurophysiological disorder. This is why the components are listed differently in the book vs. the website, and when you move onto to another part of the 1st stage one the earlier concepts may be repeated in a different way.

In terms of what you need to have tackled--with a lot of effort and some success--before moving onto the next step, look at this checklist How long does Step One take? The DOCC model says at least 8-10 weeks, but could be twice as long or more. Don't move on until you've done the reading, the practice, the research in Stage 1.

This is of course not what I did.

Everyone has anger, anxiety, pride, curiosity, denial, motivation and insight in some unique balance. In me, if you say "don't look behind this curtain," I'm peeking within a couple of minutes, or maybe up on lighting rigs looking over the top. With this program, I was assessing whether it would help me with post-concussive syndrome and to do that I skipped ahead.

You will too, of course. The investment of time and energy is huge, and it works best if you throw yourself in this whole-hearted way; to do this you have to understand the whole program. So go ahead, skim and read. The later stages all reinforce and build upon the Stage 1 work.

How long did it take me to move onto Stage 2 officially?

I started Stage One, got annoyed, got distracted, had a major money issue to deal with, then a major health issue with my husband's cardiac surgery. I read and did some of the work in a detached kind of way, saying I thought it would be helpful but not following-through with genuine effort. I read the Talent Code. I did some of the cognitive exercises. I skipped ahead to lessons I found more interesting.

In all of this uncommitted work within the program, it grew on me, and after starting in April and screwing around with it until July, I had an "in or out" conversation with myself and went all-in this August. By September I was deep into Stage Two. So Stage One took me either 5 months or 5 weeks, or somewhere in between; and I'm still working on these skills.

Stage 2 is my least favorite, so then I did some more skipping around.

You'll see why tomorrow ;).

Love, Lisa

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