Saturday, October 24, 2015

Mind Change Day 24: Transformation

Do you watch HGTV and other home improvement channels?

I'm hooked and I think it's because each house they tackle is a blank slate, and each project a transformation. 

Shows like Extreme Makeover are entirely creepy because people can't be renovated from the outside. 

They need to rebuild from within. 

I suppose there are people who organically rebuild and change, update and evolve every day of their lives. 

But most of us stay on one track until jolted off of it.  Pick ourselves up in shock. 

Wander over to another track and slide ourselves onto it, adjusting our speed and hoping we're welcome. 

Then comes the day we need to build our own track, and decide on our own speed. Pick our scenery. Latch on the freight we're willing to carry, and unload what we're not. 

After watching the videos I linked to yesterday, I don't feel so far away from Stage 4. It's within reach by the end of the month, theoretically. 

I just need to unload some critical baggage, and take on more accepting companions. 

Then pick my track, always the most unsettling step...

Love, Lisa

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