Dickens and Prince

  There's been a lot of writing but not a lot of publishing on my end for the last bit of time. So I've decided on a blog reboot to start, focused on a book that inspired some thought for me, and may for you too.  This is a short book by Nick Hornsby, an essay to be honest, focused on the remarkable productivity of these two geniuses, unparalleled in his experience. Their creative frenzy likely came from some combo of harsh childhoods and inner hyperdrives but their working at such high levels of brilliance and speed created such massive bodies of work that could take a lifetime for anyone to fully absorb and appreciate.  It also killed them, both dying in their late 50's because of how they neglected their health to maintain their frenetic work pace. As it turns out, I've been round both their hometowns recently, which made my connection to the book more personal. Minneapolis was part of a baseball stadium pilgrimage last summer, and though there's no evidence he w